Today we had a bigger challenge! I wanted to do this challenge towards the beginning of the week, giving them the chance to have all week to complete it. Let’s head to our vehicle!!


“Day 2! (I can hear the grumbling from here! Haha) Clean out your car!!!! I’m not talking just the garbage.. clean out your glove compartment, your center consoles, the trunk! Everywhere! Make sure all your updated insurance info is in there too, if your a ball mom- double check your first aid kit! Just like yesterday, share your before/after as well as anything interesting you find!! Ready…set… GO!!!”

My car is messy more times than it’s not! I no more than clean it out and someone is forgetting their trash in it! We are a busy family, we eat a lot of meals/snacks on the go. It’s used as a taxi, a moving softball and dancing locker, u-haul for my Pink Zebra business, ambulance for injured/bleeding children, transporter of dirty farming husbands that are covered in grease and dirt, and much more I’m sure!

Here’s 5 tips (and a bonus!) for keeping things cleaner:

  1. Figure out a trash system! At the dollar tree there are the tall cereal bins with lids, those are perfect!
  2. Clean out an empty Eclipse/gum container and use that for change!
  3. A smaller plastic accordian file works great for storing your insurance/registration papers!
  4. If you’re a fellow van mama, use your stow and go! Jumper cables, umbrellas, extra wipes store great there!
  5. Use an empty wipes container for a First Aid kit! With children, you never know what can happen!
  6. If you own a business, one of those CD holders that clip on your visor is perfect for business cards or brochures!

Hopefully those tips help inspire you to go and clean out your car! If you take the challenge, please post below! To get even more tips, be sure to become apart of our Facebook community!  Click here to join our Facebook community!


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