Summer is here! What better way than throwing a party to celebrate!

My 2 youngest have been spending all of this month in tow to my oldest daughter’s softball games. It hasn’t exactly been their ideal summer plans but they’ve handled it well. Unfortunately, my oldest has suffered some injuries the last week so while she is healing, I thought it’d be a great time to do something for the littles!

I didn’t want to go crazy on spending a lot of money on this party, so a lot of what I used was things we already had. Best part was we didn’t have to leave the house! Here’s an over view of our fun:


  1. We made fun popsicle crafts. Everything was from our crafting area. I thought the kids did a great job making their own unique popsicles!
  2. Mister picked out some real popsicles to enjoy after our craft. These were on sale and delicious!
  3. Blue kool-aid was mixed up for their drink “Pool Water”
  4. They built sand castles. Middle did a great job being creative! Mister basically made a cave for his dinosaurs and shark.
  5. We put on some tunes, and jumped into the pool. Clothes and all!
  6. Daddy got out the garden hose for his famous “redneck water slide”. The kids love it. The end of the slide turns into a huge mud puddle which excites them even more!
  7. We also had some snacks set up. We had beach balls (cheese balls) and made sand pudding (vanilla pudding with crushed vanilla wafers on top).
  8. To end the fun party we watched Finding Nemo and had a big bowl of freshly popped popcorn from our popcorn maker! This old wash bin was what my mother in law used for her children, now it’s been passed to us. The kids all love picking their own toppings for their bowl.


It was a great (frugal) party for the 2 little ones. They really enjoyed it and had fun even if it was at home. As moms, it’s so important for us to take a break from life and just go have fun with our kids! I hope you find time to do the same!

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