Preparing For Back To School!

Preparing For Back To School!

July is almost over, can you believe it? Soon the days will become shorter, our tans will fade, school will be starting and we will be finding ourselves back into a new routine.


As the end of July comes to a close, now is a perfect time to start preparing for August. Here’s some tips for what we as moms can be doing now to prepare for the August rush:

  1. Decide bedtimes now. You may not start them yet, but letting your children know what time they will be going to bed can save you an argument in a few weeks. My children will all be in school, but different schools. We adjusted bedtimes based on that. I also let my oldest who will be going into High School what her curfew will be.
  2. Designate homework spots. This will apply to all of my children. My high schooler will need a spot away from everyone to do studying, my middle schooler will need somewhere close to mom to work and my preschooler just needs to be aware that when the girls are there.. he is not. Those spots will also have a basket of supplies such as scratch paper, highlighters, pencils, scissors, glue stick, index cards and a calculator.
  3. Decide a filing system. The first day of school the kids come home tossing papers around. With 3 kids- papers get misplaced easily! I set up a command center with folders so as soon as they come home, their papers go in there for me to go through. I’ll sign what needs to be signed and check homework after supper. This is a huge chaos repellent! haha!
  4. Decide chores. Let them know what sort of chore system you’ll be using and get in the practice now. During the summer my children have more chores than normal. School time they’ll only have 1 or maybe 2 short ones.
  5. Go through their clothes! This is one I dread! Have them go through drawers, closet, and under bed to get an inventory of what they’ll be needing so you’re not overspending. Nothing like buying 5 new pairs of jeans to find out their’s 6 pairs in her drawer already that she “forgot” about!

School time can be so crazy. There’s a lot to do! Starting now and preparing can help alleviate some of that chaos down the road. Now for my bloggers/direct sellers/wahm’s, I have some tips for you as well!

  1. Get your planner ready! Map out things that need to happen such as team meetings, retreats, conferences, etc. This way when you get the basketball schedule, you won’t be surprised, you’ll know what’s going on!
  2. Plan your work hours as well as your NON work hours. For me, the hours of 4-8pm are the busiest. So much to get done in 4 short hours before bed. My phone will be on silent so I can spend that time with my kids. Instead of working now whenever I can find time, in the fall I’ll be setting morning office hours. Adjust your schedule as you need… just set some hours AND communicate them!
  3. A new season is ahead. Whether it be your products changing or your blog posts changing to focus on a different season, start brainstorming ideas. Once school begins it’s hard to remember every single thing. Think about starting a brain dump journal next to your bed or on the table to jot things down as you think of them.
  4. Think of adding some technology on your phone to help juggle the roles of being a work at home mom such as adding in an app like Cozi. This way in between picking kids up you can glance at your phone and see that you need to pick up dishwasher tabs and milk on the way home. You can also use the calendar option to color code who’s doing what when.
  5. Use time such as waiting at the school to pick kids up to do some social media posts, scopes, or quick videos. Take your brain dump journal with you and implement some of those ideas you’ve had! I have an office-on-the-go bag that I have worked out of all summer. I’ll continue to do so in the fall!

I hope some of these tips are helpful! This next week is a great time to start fresh and plan what you want to happen. It’s a transition for kids to go back to school… but it’s also a transition for the moms! If you need more help preparing for school time, make sure you email me or you are more than welcome to join my Facebook Community by clicking HERE.

10 Tips to Stockpiling

10 Tips to Stockpiling

One question I get frequently is about my stockpile. If you haven’t watched my Youtube video on this… CLICK HERE. I’ve also listed out 10 tips to consider when beginning your own stockpiling adventure!

  1. Don’t buy it unless you’ll use it. There’s a big difference between stockpiling and ending up on Hoarders! If you use cream of mushroom soup a lot, then stock up! If you only use chicken broth for soup in the winter, don’t buy as much. Be smart about your purchases.
  2. Think about what food typically goes on sale that month. There’s a lot of charts out there that give this info away.
  3. Freeze fresh summer fruits for the winter. There’s nothing like blueberry muffins on a cold January morning!
  4. Tonight we had leftover ham, I froze it up into packages that will be used later for breakfast muffins and scalloped potatoes.We could eat the leftovers this week, but I’d rather stick to my meal plan and incorporate those into the future.
  5. Think about if stocking up on it would be the cheaper route, or if making it yourself would be better. Take laundry soap for example, paired with coupons you can get a fair price, but making it yourself is much cheaper.
  6. Set aside some extra cash just in case something goes on a 1-day sale. You’ll always be prepared for those. Sometimes if you go early enough to the grocery store they’ll have some meat marked down. This will help you be ready for those awesome specials.
  7. Decide a system for your freezer. This is one area that can trick you in your meal planning. It’s easy to forget what is all in there! Print out a cute printable or use a dry erase marker to keep track of what’s all in there.
  8. Decide a system for your other non-perishables. You’ll want to rotate them by expiration date. Oldest first. Beginning of the month pull out what will be expiring soon so you can use it up.
  9. Have good storage. Find a place that’s cool. That way you can store extra potatoes, onions, etc down there as well. Storage shelves are ideal. My husband built what I’m using now.
  10. Buy bulk, but be smart about it. You really need to watch your bulk prices. Sometimes buying bulk isn’t the best option. Also, you’ll have to consider storage for these items as well. I buy bulk baking ingredients the most. I have a container in my storage that holds the bulk and mason jar canisters for what’s in my pantry. Easy to refill. I take a trip to the Amish each spring and Fall to stock up on those ingredients.

I hope this helps give you  more tips on creating a stockpile. If you have more, please feel free to ask! As always, you’re more than welcome to join my Facebook community to get even more tips on being organized, meal planning, time management. Join here!