Word fuel… it’s my jam. I’ve always been a “word junkie”. My Pinterest boards are full of quotes, affirmations, positive words, and fun lingo. I’m also a simple person. When I first heard of a “Word of the Year” a few years ago, I of course loved it! One word.. I can totally handle that! Here’s how it works…

The concept: Pick a word or phrase that will help be your focus for the year. Something simple. Something that sparks inside you. Something that will be your compass to keep you on your path throughout the year.

How to decide: What is something that you really want to get out of this year? What do you want to actually be? Do you need to do more of something, or perhaps less of something? To live life more intentional, what do you need to accomplish? Is there a mindset you need to develop, or fear you need to overcome?

How to use it: Add it to your journal, post it on your closet door to see each morning, post it to bathroom mirror, put it on phone background, in your planner, buy a shirt with the word on it, monogram a bag (good excuse to get a new bag! hehe), use it as the center of your dream board, or add it to your computer home screen. Create a Pinterest board full of things relating to that word. Little reminders that you can put everywhere to remind you of that word!

My 2017 word: Revive. 6 letters make up a word that is going to fuel my year. I chose this word right away. I needed a word that was going to define how I wanted my year to end, a complete revival. I am heading into the number 35 in years I’ve been alive. To me, it’s not a pretty number. I know that I want to feel totally different as I head into that number at the end of the year. I’ve been a mom for a super long time. I’ve focused on motherhood more than I have myself, for a super long time. Here’s what I want…

  • Mind: Stress is eating my brain. Have you seen the quote about your brain is like a computer with a million tabs open. That’s legit. We have so much to remember, schedules to work out, add tiredness to it, that equals exhaustion. We, okay maybe me, can’t be thinking as clearly as we want. Instead of my mind being full of open tabs, I want to be mindful of what I do, make clear decisions, have peace when I go to bed at night so I can sleep without thinking of the 200 things I forgot to do that day.
  • Faith: He restores my soul! Need I say more?!
  • Body: To be healthier. To remember food is fuel. I’m the only one that can take care of this body, I need to do so.
  • Business: Be my version of success, not someone else’s. Focus on work when it’s time. Not let it consume my day or my family time. Work hard, play hard. Continuing to offer what I can as a service to others.


Finally.. I will be sharing in the future how I use my word and what changes I implement. I am hoping that I can revive myself to feel good and to be the best mom/wife I can be! Let me know your word of the year below, I’d love to see what you pick!




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