Phone tips PLUS my 3 Favorite Apps

Phone tips PLUS my 3 Favorite Apps

Fun fact of the day: On average, people between the ages of 18-24 look at their phone on average 74 times a day! As a mom, I’m sure that number is higher. I’m constantly looking at the weather (I literally forget what the weather said in minutes), checking email, making sure the kids are being appropriate on Snapchat, checking the school’s facebook page, checking lunch menu and referencing Pinterest for my supper menu ON TOP of the typical 74 checks!

Just as we unclutter our homes, our minds, we also need to unclutter our phones!

  • Go through and really decide what apps are necessary and cut the rest that aren’t bringing value to you!
  • Shut off notifications that aren’t life altering!
  • Decide how you can use your phone to better your days. Do you need a scheduling app? Reminder app? List app?
  • Pick a venue for photos! Photos clog up your space quickly! Make a plan to upload these as soon as you take them whether it be to Facebook albums (you can make albums private for only you to view so you can quickly upload to Walmart/Walgreens to print later), or to a photo printing place such as Snapfish, another option being loading them into your Google account.

My 3 Favorite Apps

Scheduling: My favorite scheduling app is Cozi. Not only does it color code, but it is shareable! You can add your husband, children, even mother or mother in law onto the app as well! This allows them to easily pull up what is going on. You are also able to make shopping lists within the app, which are also shareable (Thanks husband for grabbing the milk and toilet paper tonight!). The best part- it’s FREE!

Google Drive: This is where I keep track of random brain dump moments, create lists, and jot down notes. You can open it from anywhere later and it’s also shareable. Again- it’s FREE!

Voxer: Voxer is basically a walkie talkie for your phone! My husband has it as well as my girls. With the click of a button you send voice messages to each other. It is like a voicemail without the hassle! You can also share video, pics and text through the app. We all love it! Guess what- it’s FREE!

Do you have a favorite app for your phone? Share below!

Mud Puppies and Driving Lessons

Mud Puppies and Driving Lessons

This weekend we spent wrapping up farm work. The wagons have been congregated to one area, the combine was hosed off and put away, the sounds of the chopper and the ripper still can be heard. The littles spent time helping dad around the farm doing odds and ends that have been abandoned during the peak of harvest. Here’s a recap from this weekend:

  1. As a stay at home mom that works from home, it’s really hard to get a moment to yourself. When the husband offers you alone time, even if it means in a tractor going in circles for hours, you take it! There’s something peaceful about just being out there, alone, with bare ground and blue skies. I actually get a moment to think, to breathe and to sing as loud as I want along with the radio. It’s amazing how a few hours of serenity can calm your soul.
  2. Mister has a new pet, a tiger salamander or “mud puppy” as we call them. It’s slimy, gross and keeps staring at me. I am so thankful that he has a huge loving heart for all living things but this reptile is causing my blood pressure to go through the roof. I keep reminding myself that Mister will only be little for so long, this stage is temporary… right?
  3. Back to farm wife duties, I did drive the tractor on the road for the first time. Let’s be honest, I’m actually a great driver, I am accident free but that’s also because I avoid ackward parking situations (such as parking by too many cars, tend to stick next to safe zones like the cart racks, don’t really drive in big cities, and don’t get me started on parallel parking) and I drive a mini van. I sound like a 80 year old. Driving a tractor is a whole new ball game. Other drivers do not care that you’re on the road despite that you’re much bigger than they are. Naturally in the short drive I had to take I encountered a semi and a car. The worst was pulling into the farm yard. I knew that if I hit the chopper on anything I was good as dead. Long story short, it was terrifying. In my normal day to day activities, I don’t really do much that gets the adrenaline pumping like it did on that gravel road in the tractor. I did it, I didn’t wreck. It was a smile reminder that I can do things that are not in my comfort zone, I am able to learn new things, and the next time I need to pull the tractor into the farm yard that I will call my husband!!