Cut The Clutter: Bathroom!

Cut The Clutter: Bathroom!

Day 4! This went quick! Today the challenge was us heading into the bathroom! As I’ve said before, entering into a room can be a daunting task for some! We will just focus on one area! Feeling accomplished in a small task will leave you feeling more at ease for tackling larger ones!


“Today will be a lighter task, I know a lot of you are catching up and today will be a GREAT day to do your car! Let’s head to the bathroom! If you have a make up bag… let’s clean that out! Go thru and toss stuff that’s no good, wipe out the inside, or maybe put all your stuff in one spot! If you don’t wear make up… pick a bathroom drawer or cupboard to organize!”

Not such a hard task, right? Our make up bag can get pretty icky in there, especially if you have little hands that get in there when they shouldn’t! There’s tons of resources out there to check to see when to throw away your makeup, check them out!

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Clutter Challenge: Fridge!

Clutter Challenge: Fridge!

Cleaning the fridge… not one of my favorite past times! It needs to be done though! Always clean your fridge BEFORE going grocery shopping! Otherwise your family will come home and freak out because it’s empty!


“Today’s challenge is your fridge! Ick! This is my least fav thing to clean! Check the expiration dates, throw out the mold and empty butter containers, wipe the shelves! If this is daunting for you, just do one shelf, it’s progress! Share below what you complete!!”

Some things you could incorporate into your fridge for some added organization:

  1. A small clear drawer organizer to help organize kids snacks! (I will be adding this!)
  2. A small bin of healthy snacks for littles to reach
  3. Use clips to attach partial frozen veggie bags to the freezer shelves so they don’t get lost!
  4. Use your drawers as intended!
  5. In our group, we discussed cleaning off the OUTSIDE of the fridge as well! Use old Christmas photos/cards in a scrapbook, use a magnetic holder for mail, use a small magnetic holder for appointment reminders. I personally use clipboards to hold school papers, we can talk more about this in the future!

That’s it! Clean your fridge! Good thing is that this only needs to be done every so often! Thank goodness! 🙂

Clutter Challenge! Quick Fire!

Clutter Challenge! Quick Fire!

Sometimes it rains on your parade! I planned on the Clutter Challenge being for the vehicle today, but Mother Nature had other plans! I decided to throw in a Quick Fire round to give my group something to do! This one is super important to me!


“Optional quick fire!!! When you’re done with supper tonight…. clean that sink! Wash dishes, wipe around the faucet, wipe out the sink, you could get wild and even Windex the fixtures! Lay out fresh towel/rag when you’re done! It’ll look pretty, I promise! I’m off to do mine now! Let’s go girls!!”

Cleaning my sink is an important evening ritual in my house, but it never used to be! Before this ritual, I would get done with supper and be exhausted! The last thing I wanted to do was to clean my kitchen! Finishing supper meant I was on the downhill slope for the day! Soon, the kids would be in bed which meant it was time for me to get a quiet hour in before I went to sleep. I would get up in the morning and the first thing I saw was my cluttered sink, pots and pans on the countered covered in stuck-on spaghetti, and a sticky table! I dreaded starting my day because I knew what needed to be done first.. clean that mess!


After deciding I was just going to tackle it, get it done, and see what happens. I admit, I still grumble occasionally! Once I got in the habit of making sure the dishes were in the dishwasher, the counters were cleaned, table wiped off, it was such a relief! When I got up in the morning, I was ready for the day! I must admit, a clean shiny sink is a nice thing to see each morning! Look at the difference!


SEE!!! It looks SO much better!!! Try it one night! Get everything done the night before and see how different your day starts in the morning! Shiny sinks will make you happy too!

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Clutter Challenge Day 2

Clutter Challenge Day 2

Today we had a bigger challenge! I wanted to do this challenge towards the beginning of the week, giving them the chance to have all week to complete it. Let’s head to our vehicle!!


“Day 2! (I can hear the grumbling from here! Haha) Clean out your car!!!! I’m not talking just the garbage.. clean out your glove compartment, your center consoles, the trunk! Everywhere! Make sure all your updated insurance info is in there too, if your a ball mom- double check your first aid kit! Just like yesterday, share your before/after as well as anything interesting you find!! Ready…set… GO!!!”

My car is messy more times than it’s not! I no more than clean it out and someone is forgetting their trash in it! We are a busy family, we eat a lot of meals/snacks on the go. It’s used as a taxi, a moving softball and dancing locker, u-haul for my Pink Zebra business, ambulance for injured/bleeding children, transporter of dirty farming husbands that are covered in grease and dirt, and much more I’m sure!

Here’s 5 tips (and a bonus!) for keeping things cleaner:

  1. Figure out a trash system! At the dollar tree there are the tall cereal bins with lids, those are perfect!
  2. Clean out an empty Eclipse/gum container and use that for change!
  3. A smaller plastic accordian file works great for storing your insurance/registration papers!
  4. If you’re a fellow van mama, use your stow and go! Jumper cables, umbrellas, extra wipes store great there!
  5. Use an empty wipes container for a First Aid kit! With children, you never know what can happen!
  6. If you own a business, one of those CD holders that clip on your visor is perfect for business cards or brochures!

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Cut the clutter challenge #1

Cut the clutter challenge #1

Organizing is my jam! My life is run by lists, my planner, time management and order! However, I totally get when people tell me they are the opposite! I didn’t just become this way over night! With each child, I’ve learned how to adjust things to work smoother for our family, but it did take lots of trial and errors! I love a good challenge, so when people tell me they are just drowning in disorder… I come to the rescue!

After having lots of requests for help to become organized I decided to do a light and fun “Cut the clutter Challenge” on facebook! The response was amazing! I quickly put together a 5 day event where I would post a challenge each day that would take 30 minutes or less to complete. Perfect for the busy lady! Here was challenge #1:


“We are going to cut the clutter from our PURSE!!! Get rid of the globs of crumpled receipts, 10 pens that don’t work, pile of biz cards, toys, crumbs, empty gum packages, and everything else that might be hiding in there! Our purse is one thing we use daily, yet can get to the point where it’s like sticking your hand into a mystery box! Not after today! Clean that baby out! Post before/after pics to show you’ve completed it! (Mama’s, you can replace purse with diaper bag if you want!! No purse… clean out your wallet! Ambitious… do them all!!) ”

As I’ve said before, organizing doesn’t happen over night! It is a process that takes a lot of dedication and persistence! Starting with some smaller tasks will be easy to complete, which will ultimately help you feel easier about completing larger tasks in the future!

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Cut The CLUTTER Challenge!

Cut The CLUTTER Challenge!
  1. challenge        It’s officially Spring!! It’s time to cut the clutter and start some Spring Cleaning!



After being asked by quite a few times to give some organizational advice, I decided I’d try out an organizational challenge for fun! The response was amazing! I did have some specific housekeeping rules before we began such as explaining that this is not a quick fix! I am not a miracle worker (unfortunately!). Organization is a process! It can’t be done over night, it takes dedication and persistence! This is what I came up with:

dets5 days, 1 task to complete that should take less than 30 minutes. I’ve also added in some options for challenges as well as extra small tasks! We are in to day 2 today and it’s been so much fun! I’ll be sharing our progress! Feel free to follow along and post your results!