5 Easy & Cheap Holiday Celebrations For Kids

5 Easy & Cheap Holiday Celebrations For Kids

Those that are on my Facebook know that my kids and I celebrate everything. If it’s a wacky holiday, we celebrate it! Life is too serious, doing this mom thing is exhausting, being a kid is stressful so this helps lighten the week and gives them something to look forward to! Most of these things don’t cost much money or can be done with things you already have! With the holiday season fully underway, I wanted to share some ideas with you!

  1. Grinch Party: This is one of the kids favorite things we do! We make grinch floats (Green sherbet and 7 up) and pop in the Grinch movie! You could add other green foods to make it a snack and float night so you get out of cooking supper! Winner!
  2. Christmas Light Adventure: Surprise the kids with a ticket (can make on a word document) to be turned in as they enter the vehicle. Have them wear pajamas, slippers and bring their blanket. You could make or stop for hot chocolate to share, pop on some Christmas music and head out to find the best Christmas light displays! When the kids were younger, I had a scavenger hunt we used one year, could also do a make-shift bingo for them to cross off if they see a Santa, reindeer, etc. Pop in a Crockpot meal that morning and supper can be ready when you get back!
  3. Baking Party! Grab all the ingredients for your holiday baking and put them to work! This doesn’t seem much like a party, but adding party to it sounds more appealing to them and the kids are more excited to help out! Turn on the Christmas music station, have the kids decorate boxes to put their goodies in- this will become one of your favorite memories! Fun Fact: December 18 is National Bake Cookies Day.
  4. December 9 is National Christmas Card day! As much as we all want to send out the perfect Christmas Card, have the kids decorate the card or the envelope! Grab the Hobby Lobby 40% off coupon and use that to get some cute things for the kids to decorate cards with. Check with nursing homes or hospitals to see if your kids could send some to the residents there. Getting nice snail mail is becoming a lost art, this will be a great teaching moment! I love this idea from Octavia & Vicky on easy kid Christmas Cards.
  5. Advent: Jesus is the reason for the season! There are so many wonderful ideas on Pinterest for Advent ideas. This kid-friendly Advent idea from Jen at “Being Confident Of This” is the one we did last year! It was a lot of fun!


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This season is all about making memories. Each year that my oldest gets closer to graduation the more I realize that these beautiful memories will someday be replaced with kids coming home from college, future son/daughter in laws and grandbabies. I want to grab as many memories as I can with my kids while they are still little.

If you have fun traditions that you do each year, comment below or head over to my Facebook page   here   to share with me! I’d love to hear them!

Planners.. what YOU need to know!

Planners.. what YOU need to know!

Planners are so important! To me, it’s my daily item that keeps this mama sane! Everything is in there, my kids know not to touch it, my husband knows not to move it. It shines in all it’s glory on my kitchen counter! Planners are so hot right now! There’s so many ways to use them, decorate them, layouts, stickers, washi tape, buy on Etsy, make your own.. it can be overwhelming! So we will take this in strides!


What kind of planner style do you have/want? 

  1.  Do you want just monthly calendars? Would weekly lay out benefit you? Would you like them to start on Sunday or Monday? These are questions to think about before heading further in.
  2. If you’re new, a planner from Walmart or Dollar Tree will be just fine. This way you can start small and inexpensive. If you do well with planning, you can graduate on up to bigger planners. Many people dive right in with a $50 planner then don’t use it. Start small.
  3. If you have a lot going on such as work schedules, children, sports activities you might want to consider something where the monthly lay out is big enough to write multiple things in each box.
  4. If you’re a wahm or blogger, you may want to use something that has weekly layouts or something where you can customize the options to add in printables that will benefit your business.

Next is decide how you’ll use it. This is best shown by video. I’ll link a few videos here, there are more ideas on my channel so feel free to browse! Click the link to take you to them!

  1. Monthly Planning! This video will show you my monthly planning. I typically use some pretty extreme planners, but this year I told myself I could do it with just a general planner.
  2. Happy Planner I caved! I got a nicer planner! In the past I’ve used disc bound planners and I really love the versatility.
  • Regular planner Pro’s: Easy to carry, cheaper, not fancy, not out a lot of money if it doesn’t work. Con’s: Not able to customize it
  • Disc Bound Planner: Pro- totally something you can customize. Able to add in things such as work planner, notes, cleaning schedule, meal planning. Con: cost does add up. You will need an extra punch for this.
  • There are other options as well. Some use planners from Etsy, some make their own with printables. It really boils down to what YOU will use! I will be going more in depth with my planner, feel free to subscribe to my YouTube channel above to see future videos!


At the end of the day, you need to find something that will work for you! Using a planner will cut out the “what is going on” question! You’ll be able to see visually what is lined up for the week. Knowing that makes it a lot easier to balance your time!

If you use a planner, comment below with what you use! I’d love to see!




Clutter Challenge Day 2

Clutter Challenge Day 2

Today we had a bigger challenge! I wanted to do this challenge towards the beginning of the week, giving them the chance to have all week to complete it. Let’s head to our vehicle!!


“Day 2! (I can hear the grumbling from here! Haha) Clean out your car!!!! I’m not talking just the garbage.. clean out your glove compartment, your center consoles, the trunk! Everywhere! Make sure all your updated insurance info is in there too, if your a ball mom- double check your first aid kit! Just like yesterday, share your before/after as well as anything interesting you find!! Ready…set… GO!!!”

My car is messy more times than it’s not! I no more than clean it out and someone is forgetting their trash in it! We are a busy family, we eat a lot of meals/snacks on the go. It’s used as a taxi, a moving softball and dancing locker, u-haul for my Pink Zebra business, ambulance for injured/bleeding children, transporter of dirty farming husbands that are covered in grease and dirt, and much more I’m sure!

Here’s 5 tips (and a bonus!) for keeping things cleaner:

  1. Figure out a trash system! At the dollar tree there are the tall cereal bins with lids, those are perfect!
  2. Clean out an empty Eclipse/gum container and use that for change!
  3. A smaller plastic accordian file works great for storing your insurance/registration papers!
  4. If you’re a fellow van mama, use your stow and go! Jumper cables, umbrellas, extra wipes store great there!
  5. Use an empty wipes container for a First Aid kit! With children, you never know what can happen!
  6. If you own a business, one of those CD holders that clip on your visor is perfect for business cards or brochures!

Hopefully those tips help inspire you to go and clean out your car! If you take the challenge, please post below! To get even more tips, be sure to become apart of our Facebook community!  Click here to join our Facebook community!